Sports & Leisure Gymnasium Floor Cleaning

Rotowash is the Best Floor Scrubber Machine

The Rotowash gym floor cleaning machine proves to be an essential asset in maintaining pristine environments within sports and leisure centers. Driven by advanced technology and designed with precision, this remarkable cleaning solution redefines the standards of floor maintenance in these dynamic spaces. From gym floors to locker rooms and recreational areas, the Rotowash effortlessly ensures a clean and hygienic atmosphere for athletes, enthusiasts, and visitors.

Its distinctive cylindrical brush system, complemented by precise water and detergent application, guarantees a thorough and efficient cleaning process, effectively removing sweat, dirt, and foot traffic marks. With a strong commitment to sustainability, the Rotowash promotes water efficiency and eco-conscious practices, aligning seamlessly with the health and well-being of patrons. Tailored to the specific needs of sports and leisure centers, the Rotowash floor cleaning machine embodies a fusion of innovation and user-friendly operation, delivering an unparalleled level of cleanliness that contributes to the positive experience and lasting satisfaction of both athletes and visitors.

The Rotowash floor scrubbing machine can quickly and hygienically clean quarry tiles, lino, concrete, rubber, resin, wood, carpeting and all slip-resistant coverings.

Rotowash gym floor scrubbers are recommended by many flooring manufacturers including Altro, Gerflor, James Halstead and Marley.

Features and Benefits:
  • Rotowash machines are capable of producing high quality wash, scrub and clean on all types of floor surfaces.
  • As easy to use as a vacuum cleaner. Minimal training required.
  • Used up to 90% less liquid, enabling fast drying times.
  • Leading the market where high productivity, hygiene, quality and cost-effectiveness are paramount.
  • Rotowash is the #1 floor cleaning machine in sports and leisure facilities.

The Rotowash Advantage
The Rotowash Advantage:

  • Reduce Costs: achieve cleaner, more hygienic floors.
  • Environmentally Friendly: using up to 90% less water.
  • Brush Diameter: Large diameter brushes give higher surface speeds (5 meter per second) and reduce working time.
  • Versatility: Your Rotowash can clean into corners, recesses and along skirting without leaving brush marks or splashes on your walls.
  • Double the cleaning action: Our twin contra-rotating brushes rotate at 650 rpm, delivering a very efficient and effective cleaning action that conventional floor cleaners cannot match.
  • Increased Productivity: faster cleaning and drying.
  • Quality Assurance: Internationally recognized.
  • Smart Design: It’s not what it does, but “How it Does” that ensures effective, effortless cleaning results.
  • Portability: Compact and easy to move around with built in carry wheels, or from site to site on a rotocart.
  • Austrian Engineering: Rotowash floor cleaning machines are designed and manufactured at our state of the art facilities in Austria, using material and components of the highest quality.