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Rotowash machines and accessories are built to the highest international standards on quality, design, electrical and safety, without exception and without compromise.

Rotowash BrushesRotowash Brushes

High quality and long lasting, Rotowash cylindrical brushes are designed to enhance and extend the cleaning method of the entire Rotowash range of floor cleaning machines. Color coded to prevent cross-contamination.

Color coded for hygiene and ease of use

STANDARD black bristle brushes come with a choice of colour coded cores and end caps to help raise cleaning safety standards.
Available in black, blue, red, yellow and green to give you total freedom of
choice in your cleaning safety policy.

Rotowash brushes are specifically designed to enhance and extend the cleaning method of the Rotowash range of professional floor cleaning machines.

Rotowash brushes are constructed from high quality polypropylene materials and meet the highest British and E.E.C standards on quality, safety and design.

Rotowash brushes work effectively with most modern cleaning chemicals.

Rotowash Floor Types, Brush Range
Rotowash - Floor Types Brushes

Rotowash Brushes Cleaning Guidance

  • Because of the spin speed used in the Rotowash system, the brushes tend to be largely self-cleaning under most circumstances.
  • After use, the brushes need to be removed to clean and sanitize the machine surfaces. The brushes should be rinsed and agitated until the water runs clean.
  • Brushes should then be stood on end to air-dry or put back into position on the machine and the machine left standing on the transport wheels.
  • In order to prevent a soil and chemical buildup on the brushes, a weekly detergent soak (using a detergent which differs from that used for the floor cleaning process) will help to keep the brushes soft and clean, helping to prolong their useful life. Check out our Rotowash Cleaning and Maintenance documentation.
  • The brushes are made from polypropylene and can be left to soak in any suitable solution, in order to sterilize them.
  • On restoring clean dry brushes into the Rotowash machine, ensure that they, or the floor are moistened before starting the machine.
  • The standard brush can be put through an autoclave cycle. This should be a steam autoclave and the lower temperature selected. Other autoclave systems can be used but care needs to be taken to avoid damage to the brushes.

Rotowash Brush Wear Guide (Standard Polypropylene)

Floor Type Guide in Hours
Carpet – 0 to 2mm pile 700-1000
Carpet – 2 to 7mm pile 1000-1200
Ceramic (smooth) 280-320
Ceramic Tiles (slip resistant) 220-240
Checkerplate 140-180
Concrete 180-220
Entrance Matting (aluminum slips/carpet with metal fibers) 120-150
Flotex soft flooring 700-1000
Laminate – Wood 650-750
Linoleum 650-750
Polyurethane coated rubber sports floors (ie Rebound Ace) 550-650
Quarry Slate Terracotta Tiles 280-320
Resin 180-220
Rubber (studded/ribbed) 550-650
Vinyl (slip-resistant) 180-220
Vinyl (smooth) 650-750
Wood 650-750
Escalator Treads (aluminum) 100-120

Based on the correct brush care maintenance, average quality of floor and normal floor soilage.

You can make your Rotowash last longer & run more efficiently with just 2 easy steps!

  1. Reduce Friction & Stripping on Gears
    Simply add some vaseline, as shown in the picture, to the gears every 4-5 months, depending on usage. This reduces friction on the gears, and lowers the chances of stripping the gears. (Be sure not to add grease.)reduce friction and stripping on gears with vaseline
  2. Extend the Life of Your Brushes
    Regularly rotate the front/back of the brushes to maintain even wear. If you notices the brush fibers are flattened in one direction, flip the brush 180 degrees over-end to extend the brush life and increase cleaning results.
    Regularly soak brushes upright overnight in warm water with mild detergent to straighten/soften bristles & keep them clean.