Rotowash Chemical Usage Guidelines

When to use the proper floor cleaning chemicals and detergents

In the main, warm (Max 50 degree Celsius) water is all that is necessary to clean the floor with a Rotowash. However, there will be times when a chemical or detergent is necessary, and this should be low foaming and neutral (Ph 7). Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Professional Floor Cleaners

Coffee stains or tea stains can be easily dealt with using warm or hot water poured on to over-soak the area. Leave for awhile and then go over with the Rotowash in the usual fashion. Many stains can be dealt with in this way. Always try water first! There are times when the use of chemicals can make a big difference, especially when oil or grease is involved. Always check COSHH if they apply.

The simple rule is “Only a Capful – Never a Cup Full”. This is a good guide to use as it gives a clear indication of how little is needed.

  • Spot Treatment: using a proprietary spot cleaner is fine. Treat the stain. leave it for a few minutes allowing some dwell time, then go over with the Rotowash to wash out the chemical and the stain.
  • On Hard Surface Floors: such as Altro and tiles use a product like Altragard or any other low foaming detergent. Remember to always dilute where needed by reading the instructions. Allow a few minutes for the chemical to have contact time and the use the Rotowash to wash it off.
  • For Odor Control: one can add a capful of urine neutralizer to the water or use just plain water to thoroughly scrub the area. Then spray the area with urine neutralizer to complete the job. The same applies to Odourmaster. For best results one needs to wash any existing chemicals out prior to use.
  • Difficil-S: can also be used to control infections such as MRSA and C Diff. It should be diluted prior to use and is safe to go through the Rotowash machine.
  • If you are using carpet extraction shampoo it is recommended taht you restrict using it on carpets as it is very sticky and attracts dirt. It might have a nice smell but it is not helping the situation. If a nice smell is required, a deodorizer can be applied after cleaning, which does not make the floor sticky.
  • In the veterinary world Trigene is often the chemical of choice. This very strong chemical can cause corrosion on the Rotowash. We recommend that the floor is cleaned with WATER and if necessary a small amount of detergent. Then apply a fine mist of Trigene over the floor, allowing it to fully react before being washed off the next day with the Rotowash. This method uses far less of this expensive chemical and the money saved could pay for the Rotowash in just 18 months!


Chemicals can help us get fantastic results so always have some available.
Always use low foaming products with a suitable Ph rating (C Ph 7)
Remember to give chemicals contact (dwell) time – they work much better!
Eliminate chemicals if you can – it’s eco friendly!